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Pick the restored saddle of your choice here at Equitack

Buying riding equipment to redo your new upholstery for this summer is a very good idea since it will allow you to save a maximum of money while having high-end riding equipment made by major brands. Recognized worldwide. So where can you find your used horse equipment? You can very well look every day at the classified ads for sales of individuals on the internet to hope to see passing saddles in very good used condition at a very correct price, but if you are looking for a lot of riding equipment quickly it is sure you're going to waste a lot of time. Indeed, the time to go through all the classified ads, to go directly to the site to see the material, to leave with or without, all this will take you a lot of time.

Avoiding any form of inconvenience

You should also talk about the fact that it is possible that the seller is in bad faith and hides certain problems from you on the saddle or on the net he sells. You will therefore have wasted time, money and you will have unusable equipment on your back! Indeed, there are many scams on the internet, so why not order directly from a website that offers you to buy used antares saddles equipment at a very attractive price? This website is none other than the equitack website, an American website:, on this wonderful web page, you can find absolutely everything for your four-legged friend, and all this at a very low price! In fact, you will be able to find quickly and with a single click all the second-hand saddles for sale, and it is needless to specify that all of these second-hand saddles are very reputable saddles of famous brands, such as decouvoux or Voltaire! There are also saddles oriented to show jumping, cross or dressage so it is certain that you will find your happiness!


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