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Which saddle size to choose ?

In order to be able to ride horses, it will be necessary to use accessories for this practice. Admittedly, there are accessories that are intended to protect the practitioner from possible accidents, but many accessories are essential for a correct practice of riding. The saddle is part of this list. Understanding the importance of his role will lead to his choice and during this process, it will be necessary to take into account the size of the product, because not all sizes are made for all equestrian practices.

A question of size

Size is the guarantee of comfort during the practice of equestrian activity. On you will find saddles suitable for all types of practices like used western saddles for sale. Whichever discipline you practice, you will necessarily find the saddle most suited to your needs. Otherwise, it is not advisable to buy a saddle stack adjusted to the horse or too small. This advice is as true for the seats as for the quarters. Indeed, people who think that a large saddle is less comfortable are totally misled. Generally, the saddle size suitable for all types of horses is 17.5. Clearly, a large saddle is suitable for the majority of equestrian disciplines. The most suitable example for this example is windsurfing. Indeed, when starting this practice, it is more comfortable to use a large board. This analogy also applies to riding saddles.

Other selection criteria

Choosing the size and shape of the saddle is also related to the discipline practiced. In this context, if you do mostly jumps, forward-facing quarters will be the best, as this will allow the rider to shorten his stirrups without his knee beyond the area. For those who do mostly dressage, the rider will always have to ride the horse with the leg upright and stirrups shoe very long. It will then be necessary to choose a saddle with long quarters for better descent of leg. For the hiking enthusiasts, the outdoor saddle is what must be prioritized for a better comfort of the horse. Indeed, this type of saddle is used for a long period.


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